Digital Metering

The Energy Max Prepaid solution boasts a flexible architecture, designed to accommodate gradual service expansion and phased implementation. This approach seamlessly integrates with existing technologies, ensuring a smooth transition while optimizing cost-efficiency.

Our technology, developed over the past decade, has a proven track record. Our dedicated team at Energy Max has handled everything from research and development to software and component building, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly tailored to our market's needs and future direction. This not only results in cost savings for you but also allows us to bring new features to the market faster.

The core of our system is the main site unit, which securely stores data and sends it to our central web-based servers. This data is then available on the cloud, ready for you to access through our user-friendly Smart App or on your PC. This main unit is designed with redundancy, ensuring data integrity even in case of network issues.

On the estate, remote metering units control up to 32 dwelling units each, measuring gas, water, and electricity usage through smart meters. These units form a virtual network, communicating with each other via fiber or wireless connections. The data collected by these remote units is then sent to the central unit and, ultimately, to our servers.

With this setup, you have real-time access to your data, giving you the power to monitor and manage your energy consumption conveniently and efficiently. Our architecture ensures fault tolerance at every step, guaranteeing reliable and accurate information for better decision-making.

Our site remote metering units can connect with different meter types, including smart gas and water meters. Whenever possible, we integrate your existing meters. If needed, the site remote metering unit can control a water or gas solenoid valve, but this isn't a standard feature.

  • Protects existing infrastructure where feasible.
  • Optional water and gas shut-off valve installation.
  • Real-time consumption graphing for insights.
  • Base service fee billing capability.
  • Estate usage reconciled with bulk supply.
  • Leak detection safeguards property.
  • Instant alerts for excessive usage or leaks.
  • Common area measurements for billing.
  • Bulk meter for supplier reconciliation (water/gas).

As water metering is a requirement due to the change in the minimum qualities, this is a good foundation to allow full water metering and billing on actual usage from the first unit.

Our site remote metering unit can connect with various protocols, allowing us to work with different smart electricity meters. If possible, we integrate existing meters. When new meters are needed, Energy Max Power offers cost-effective, remote-manageable options.

  • Infrastructure protected where possible.
  • Optional compact unit installation.
  • Full prepaid features with multiple tariff bands.
  • Peak consumption loading (morning/evening).
  • Base service fee billing available.
  • Remote metering with automatic readings.
  • Real-time consumption graphing.
  • Estate usage vs. bulk supply reconciliation.
  • Automatic SMS alarms for excess usage or faults.
  • Manual backup with reading in supplied units.
  • Anti-tampering with SMS alarms.
  • Common area measurement for direct billing.
  • Bulk meter for supplier reconciliation.
  • Messaging alarms for low usage points.
  • Customizable messaging for individual tenant needs.

Upcoming features include budgeting for consumption based on expected usage, along with planned billing for shared areas. We maintain an ongoing development process, continuously enhancing functionality to stay relevant and up-to-date.

For each service area, there's an option for a dedicated bank account. This allows gas, water, and electricity to be managed independently or through a shared account. Occupants can use the web interface or the Energy Max App to allocate funds for services, aided by our services valet.

Once payment is made, an automatic confirmation message is sent, instantly activating the chosen services. Activation typically takes just one second after App payment. The default can be all electricity or a user-set percentage. Each unit may have owners and tenants, with tenants responsible for service payments during occupancy. If a tenant code is entered incorrectly, a manual correction occurs the following day. Unallocated funds become Estate reserves, contributing to its stability.

When tenant codes are accurate, funds are allocated and services activated instantly, typically within a second. Tenants can manage and recharge prepaid services from anywhere worldwide, receiving a prompt confirmation of active services.

The collaboration between Energy Max and the Estate under a shared cost model makes it feasible to introduce modern digital prepaid solutions at an affordable rate. Energy Max spreads the implementation expenses over a 5-year period, retaining ownership of central control units and handling infrastructure replacement as needed.

This infrastructure enables us to establish comprehensive prepaid systems for water, gas, and electricity. These phases can be rolled out progressively, starting with electricity, followed by water and gas. The sequencing of these phases depends on priority. If necessary, all phases can be executed concurrently.