Hybrid Power Systems

Energy Max Hybrid Power Solutions excel in functionality, using top-tier lithium batteries paired with commercial solar panels. This synergy ensures enduring off-grid capabilities over the long term. Our offerings span from residential setups to expansive commercial systems, furnishing a power solution for years to come. These integrated solutions encompass solar panels, power management systems, lithium battery banks, and integrated generators as a backup during extended outages, particularly in inclement weather.

  • Total solutions providing turnkey projects.
  • Expandable battery systems to allow a phased approach.
  • Custom power strategies to suit requirements & budget
  • Save money on your electricity bills
  • Low maintenance & long lifespan

Residential Solar Energy Systems are a great way to save money and protect the environment. Residential solar system owners enjoy an average of R14,000 in savings each year compared with their traditional electric bill! With these benefits combined with a long-term cost that is low and paid off over time, Residential Solar energy systems can be one of the best investments you.

If you live in South Africa, you can also take advantage of the government’s Solar Rebate Programme, which offers a rebate of up to R30 000 for solar installations. This makes Solar Energy an even more attractive option for homeowners in South Africa.

The Energy Max team assesses your electrical needs and usage patterns. Design hinges on timing and power bandwidth.

Solar panel installation, orientation, and angle significantly influence power generation. Our proprietary brackets and angle systems provide unique advantages, ensuring implementation control.

Our skilled staff conducts installations, backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty. Continuous training and skill investment uphold exceptional quality.

Beginning with a functional budget-friendly foundation, Energy Max Hybrid solutions ensure home security and value enhancement. Eliminating power disruptions, these solutions elevate domestic assets.

Systems can be expanded from this foundation, enabling off-grid living for savings and increased property worth. Enjoying full remote management, our solutions provide robust post-purchase support and service.

Uninterrupted power is vital for businesses. Energy Max excels in delivering top-notch end-to-end solutions, enhancing business security. Scalable Energy Max Hybrid Power Solutions accommodate growth.

Our tight component integration minimizes generator runtime. Smart solar and lithium batteries trigger generator start only when needed. We optimize generator use by charging batteries, allowing auto-shutdown when fully charged.

Our Commercial Hybrid Power Solutions, with incorporated transformers, energize 11,000V rings, supplying power where needed. This avoids redundancy in large commercial sites.